Turn Your Car into a Prepper Vehicle Overnight!

A complete guide to preparing your vehicle for disaster and survival situations

When things go wrong, will your vehicle be a mobile sanctuary or a burden? We’ll show you how to take a few simple steps to keep yourself prepared for anything.

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Is Your Vehicle Prepared for an Emergency?

What would you do if your vehicle suddenly broke down in the middle of nowhere? Would you have what you need to call for help, make repairs and survive?


Could You Bug Out in Your Vehicle?

What if you had five minutes to leave your house and start driving, not knowing when you could return? Do you know where you would go? What if all the stores and hotels were closed? Would you have the things you need to survive?

If those questions made you stop and think, then our Vehicle Survival Guide is for you.

All the Information You Need to Make Your Own Prepper Vehicle

Detailed Packing Lists

We’ll tell you exactly what you need to keep in your vehicle and where to get it.

Planning Advice

Having a good plan is just as important as having the right supplies. We’ll show you how to create a plan that will give you peace of mind.

From Zero to Prepper Overnight

You can read through our guide and put together our kits in just a few hours.

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