When it comes to preparing
for emergencies, do you ever
feel overwhelmed?
You want to keep your
family safe in a
disaster, but with
so much confusing
out there,
how do you
keep it

That’s where “One Day Prepper” comes in! Our goal is to make prepping practical, fast and easy, so you can rest easy.  Welcome to… “Practical Prepping for Busy People.”

You can prepare for every disaster under the sun, but you will waste alot of  precious time and money.  Instead, why not prepare right now for something that can actually happen to you, like your vehicle breaking down on a deserted road or being stranded in your car during a massive hurricane or snow storm!


Would you know exactly what to do to make yourself visible for Rescuers?

Would you know how to survive in your vehicle for several days because Rescuers can’t reach you?

Would you know when you should leave your vehicle to look for help, or if you should stay right where you are?